Photography Challenge #2: PlasticLess Habits!

For a few months now, since January when the 365 2lessplastic project started, it has been sharing and informing you about all the ways with which we can cut down on plastic and make our lives and this world PlasticLess. Now the time has come for you to also share your suggestions and secrets from the things that you have been implementing in your everyday lives. This photography challenge will be exactly about that.

Take photos with the ways you managed to make your lives plasticLess: your cotton bags, ways you are doing your shopping, your glass jars, ways you are using to avoid plastic cups when you drink your coffee, your plasticLess bathroom, an interesting object that you came across and is plasticFree, a craft that you created yourself implementing the concept of reuse-recycle, something that you heard, something that you saw, something that you learned and which is promoting the reduction of plastic pollution!

In December, when 365 2lessplastic will be approaching the end of its A’ phase, the photograph selected from a draw will win a piece of jewelry made from recycled materials!

To take part in the  challenge:

  1. Send your photograph to our fb page 365 2lessplastic
  2. Like the fb page if you haven’t already ❤
  3. Share the post about the challenge on your fb profiles (publicly so that we can also see it!)

We are looking forward to receiving your photos.

No to plastic pollution

Yes to Reduce – Reuse – Recycle!

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